Blog Post #5

For this post, then, I would like you to address the issues raised in the articles linked above. Are college students really apathetic? Should they be more involved and informed about the issues that surround them? Or is college life simply too overwhelming on its own? Given your response, how can you design a Curiosity Campaign that lights a fire under your youthful audience? What types of campaigns, images, messages have caught your attention given all the noise out there?

I believe 100% that college students are so overwhelmed mentally, emotionally and physically that the other things happening in the world around them are the last thing on their mind. Being a freshman in college myself I completely understand always being exhausted and just trying to get my work done so I can go out and have a social life. The last thing that I want to do in my free time is pay attention to what’s happening in the news or social media so I totally think that it’s common for college students to overpass the critical issues happening around them.

I believe with creating my curiosity campaign will spark an interest with college students because it is a topic that is always in front of them. No matter if they’re going to a party we’re going over a syllabus and class, sexual assault is everywhere and needs to be addressed head on. College campuses are for fronts for this type of assault and it needs to end. I think this is a great topic for college students to be involved in because change starts where the problem lyes.