Blog Post #6

This video they are portraying the bystander effect and the acknowledgement of consent. If you see something that you don’t think is right then you need to step in and you can possibly prevent a sexual assault from happening. The scenarios in this video a little bit cheesy and very direct but in most cases this is what’s happening and we all need to be very aware of this. As college students we all need to be aware of what consent is and if someone is pulling away from you and saying no then you do not have consent.

Is this video students that are about to leave for college are interviewed and then given information about sexual assault on college campuses and they all seemed pretty shocked. They all admitted that their parents never really talked about sexual assault with them because they believed that if you don’t talk about it it won’t happen which totally isn’t the case. The students and the parents need to be very aware of what’s happening at the schools that they’re sending their children to and unfortunately the universities don’t take responsibility for the sexual assaults that are happening on their campuses. Parents expecting their children to be safe and protected when they move onto campus but really that’s not the case. That’s where we come in we have to protect ourselves and all of the other students attending our universities and make them aware that this is happening and it has to stop yes hello I would like a crackhead we cannot go in five minutes who you going to go with you go by yourself let me go like this let’s go right now.