Fruit & Chocolate

Today is for fruit, chocolate, and kayaking through the mangroves (the latter not discussed in this post). However, the day began with rushing to rent a car.

I quickly learned that wherever I wanted to go from my hotel, I would need to take a $20 taxi one way. Many of the attractions are 30+ minutes out and last all day. It would be time consuming to wait on and coordinate taxis. In addition, the price per day for a rental is less than one way in a taxi. So, I took my last taxi to the car rental place so that the rest of my time here in Puerto Jimenez is spent with logistical freedom :)

After renting the car I made my way to a chocolate farm called, Finca Kobo. I was expecting the tour to revolve around chocolate, however much of it was about the various fruits and life as a costa rican. There was much to say about ecological responsibility and respect for what nature provides for us. See pics below; first up is the pineapple!

From the ground to my tummy!

It was awesome to see the pineapple in its natural state. They are all just sitting there ready to be picked. There are two types on the farm and the one I got to sample from the plant is the white variety. It was incredibly juicy and sweet…perhaps a bit more than its yellow cousin ;)

Apple Banana or Finger Banana

These Apple Bananas were fantastic! I must have had 5+ of them on the spot plus 2 in my pocket. Then when I ended up eating those later, I went back to the tree before I left and grabbed 3 more! They taste just like normal bananas…perhaps a bit sweeter, but man they were good. Pulled off the tree and two seconds later in my mouth. You can’t beat that!

Other fruits and things… Top left is a fruit in its over-ripened state. Conversely, in the unripe state it doesn't taste like much but it is valued for its health properties (weight loss being the primary ‘benefit’). The over-ripened state that is in the picture has a really cool smell. I kid you not, it smells EXACTLY like your favorite blue cheese…seriously.

The top right is turmeric and the bottom is starfruit. I also saw vanilla bean, mango, and other fruits not pictured :/

The first image is an unripe cocoa bean pod. You’ll notice the berry is actually red at first. The first people to discover cocoa actually used it to make a type of wine. The second picture is the bean/berry after it is roasted and ground…also known as cocoa nibs. The final picture is the finale of the tour with delicious chocolate fondue and a chocolate cake not pictured. Mom/Elise/Christina would have LOVED it.

Pura Vida!

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