This is only the beginning — Makers Remote Pre Course Week 1

It is finally happened. The first week of the Makers Academy pre course arrived and then flew by before I even had a chance to catch my breath. The Makers’s program is 12 weeks of intensive learning, preceded by 4 weeks of a pre course. The objective was to get as familiar as possible with the command line and version control (via Git). Here is how it went for me…

  • I got completely excited for the kickoff, but a bit disappointed there was no formal ‘meet the rest of your class’ part.
  • By Thursday I’m fed up with using the cloud9 portal and buy a used Macbook pro on ebay. As it turns out (and I was warned by a fellow student this could happen) I bought one of the lemons from 2010–2011 that crashes. Bizarre thing for me was I thought this kind of thing didn’t happen to Mac users (they have very slick marketing obviously). I’ve had a lifetime of dealing with day 1 disappointment as a PC user, so this didn’t phase me. I’ve learned, that every obstacle can be overcome. Fortunately this was an old issue and the solutions were easily implemented.
  • By the weekend I had solved the fist challenge, which was good as we have to spend most of Saturday running around the town looking for a new place to rent. Our current landlord has decided to cash in as the most inconvenient time. I’m really hoping that we can find a place before July. We put in an offer to rent one house already but haven’t heard back from the agents yet. Fingers crossed!

I can’t believe the amount of obstacles life is throwing at me right now. I just want to run outside and shout at the sky, “WHY?” Fortunately I’m very stubborn. I have no intention of letting go of what I want to achieve at the end of the Makers course.

Now that I’ve had a few days to use it, I must say I’m loving this Macbook. I can’t believe I’ve resisted buying a Mac for so long. Glad I made the switch in time for week 2 which should be even more fun because that is when we start Ruby!

Thanks for reading this ramble.

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