My name is Red Steven Ison Sumulong, I was born on February 14, 2000, I like to run in my free time and I am in the varsity track team for Prospect. I also like to play football and I am in the varsity football team. I am Catholic but I’m not that religious. I like to socialize with people and meet new people, I try to be friends with everyone I meet. I am a curious person, sometimes when I am bored my mind wonders about the most peculiar things. When I am with my friends I would like to explore new things with them but usually we just end up cooking and relaxing in my room. is the link to my favorite song. The title of the song is a drop in the ocean by OMI. This song goes with any mood I’m in even if I am feeling down it inspires me to be happy because of its uplifting beat and if I am bored just helps me get excited about life. I like this song because it keeps me motivated to do something in my life.

I was at the football game last Friday. I was there because I am in the football and even though I have an injury my coach lets me be in the field to help me support the team and be a part of the team.

I admire Darren Sproles because his a short guy and he plays in the NFL. I am not that tall and he gives me hope that even if your not that tall you can still be a professional athlete.

Kevin hart is the funniest guy I have ever watch and when I’m feeling bored or down watching him just makes me feel a whole a lot better about my life.

Usian Bolt is the fastest man in the world and I wanna be able to meet him. Since I am a track athlete I am very impress with his speed and I wanna be able to have that speed one day or at least come a little close.

My dream is to be able to run in the Olympics but i know it’s a long shot. I am going to try my best to be able to make it

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