Living in Style on a College Budget

Madison is a 20 year old college student. She lives in the city and goes to a four year university with her 2 closest best friends. She grew up with these friends and they have been besties since kindergarten. They all share an apartment off campus, and love to decorate and change things up for seasons and holidays. She is constantly on social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram. Madison is always ready for a picture with her hair and makeup done, since she and her friends are constantly posting pictures of their outfits and their apartment on Instagram and Facebook. Madison is studying Interior Design, so aesthetics are everything! Madison has grown her following to over 10 thousand on Instagram, and is committed to release a new photo at least twice daily. Madison is also very active in reviews for products, and being part of the conversation online. Madison loves that this gives her a sense of ownership in products that thrive in the current market. Madison and her friends are all about Target. Living in the city with no car, it is definitely important to have a one stop shop for all of their needs. They shop for groceries at Target, while they score on new outfits and home decor. They love the current trends available at reasonable prices and all the home decorating inspiration. They follow Targetdoesitagain on Instagram, which is constantly providing new ideas for outfits and decorating.

By Crystal Wyatt & Rebecca Simon

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