A discussion about the breaking of the Internet
Mike Roberts

This is a complex argument in the realm of the internet. A company can’t just expand into any good or service with their trademark, trademarks apply to a specific good or service. Unfortunately “Tech” (or “web services”) is not a specific enough industry, it is a platform that provides an abundance of widely differing goods and services. In my opinion the Kik trademark on a messaging application and website should not be allowed to extend to an NPM package any more than it should be allowed to extend to an ice cream brand. Taking it even further, NPM packages are themselves products offered by the company Node, so this is more akin to Kik applying their trademark to an ice cream flavor called “Kik” which is offered by an ice cream company with a different name. Regardless, Kik is not profiting from the NPM package itself so if you ask me they are “being dicks” by trying to muscle out Azer. Based on this whole fiasco, developers should now be expected to trademark every public package they work on in case some company chooses the same name. If we set this legal precedent think of the insane patent troll floodgates that will open up.

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