A discussion about the breaking of the Internet
Mike Roberts

What’s hilarious is that Kik published this in a clear attempt to smear Azer and make this look like a humble, “polite request”, but all it does is make them look worse. Kik claims that this post is in the name of transparency but you can bet your ass they wouldn’t have published it if it made them look oppressive, which ironically it still does.

Kik claims that “once Azer had made it clear that he wasn’t going to change the name, we decided to use a different name for an upcoming package we are going to publish to NPM”, and yet they press Node repeatedly, threatening legal action until they get the name. Kik’s alternate package name was undoubtedly a plan B in case they couldn’t get the name, but they clearly didn’t drop the issue after Azer declined, and are now trying to cover their tracks.

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