Sadly, earlier this year the for-profit company behind Drupal Commerce dissolved, devolving into a hosting company ( and a boutique Drupal agency that focuses on Commerce.
The Death of Drupal Commerce as an Ecommerce Solution
Justin Emond

I appreciate you linking to my article from the time of the split, as it completely contradicts your point. Commerce Guys did not dissolve — we unbundled two unrelated business models (eCommerce services vs. application hosting) in order to 1. focus on each more acutely ( winning Magento is evidence of that, as is the fact that the core Commerce Guys team has doubled since February by focusing just on maintaining Commerce 2.x and serving *large* customers… and making significant contributions to Drupal 8 in the process) and 2. bring two other large Drupal agencies with experienced teams and healthy R&D budgets to the table — Acro Media and Actualys. Not to mention the half dozen other agencies we’re partnered with on enterprise Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 projects at the moment. :-/

To read your post, this whole maneuver caught us by surprise and left me / the core team with no resources or plan to refocus the business. It’s unfortunate you never reached out to understand the situation and the Drupal community better. We aren’t without our challenges, but lack of robust support is certainly not one of them.

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