Collab-Anno 6–14–2020

Today I’m going to take a step back from directly working on the project and read a little more into React. I need to learn how to style components in an effective way. SASS has been recommended quite a few times so I’m going to give that a try. The app is coming along well though. I built a lot of the critical components this week. For the coming week, I will rethink the state management and begin styling some of the components. This week is more about learning than developing the app. As I learn about using SASS within a React application, I will try to implement the techniques. I’ve found that if I don’t work like this, I forget a lot of what I read.

In addition to styling, I’ve been learning about Jest and testing React apps. This week I’ll be implementing Jest tests with all of the existing components to make sure everything is functional. The app is small enough that I can click around and input the data myself but the automated tests will help in the long run.

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