Don’t Forget These 8 Things When You Remodel Your Basement

If you are thinking about finishing your basement or you are you bored with your existing basement design, consider these ideas to make your basement stand out.


​Choosing the right basement flooring is critical. Carpets can hold moisture and concrete floors can look boring. Get a floor that is waterproof so that your basement can stay dry and a livable space. Tiles are a good idea too. Some homeowners even choose to dig out and lower the concrete floor to create more headroom.


Don’t let basement noise travel upstairs. Soundproof the ceiling with fiberglass batts without a vapor barrier between the joists. Fasten one or two layers of drywall to them using hat channels. This will help to isolate the drywall from the joists, eliminating vibration and thus minimizing sound traveling upstairs.


Keep the stairwells open by installing bannisters. This will make your basement appear more open and less cluttered. Ask our basement remodeling contractors for ideas that will help you channel natural light for a brighter look in your basement.

Entertainment Center

Finished basements are a great place to build an entertainment center or a home theater. It is also a great place to entertain when you host parties. Add a basement bar with interesting seating and storage options. You can also convert your basements into pool rooms or game rooms. Many homeowners choose to convert their basements into a ‘man cave’ or a ‘woman cave’.

Shelving and Cabinetry

Use built-in shelving for a sleek, uncluttered look for storage in a basement. Use hidden areas like under the staircase, for storage and shelves. If you are building partition walls, build them with cutouts so that light can penetrate all parts and corners of the rooms.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting can light up the entire basement in an even fashion. A few strategically placed floor lamps can help. But recessed ceiling lights can fill the entire area with light, making it look warm and inviting.

Seal Leaks

Moisture is the biggest enemy of basements. Seal all leaks and fill larger cracks with hydraulic cement. Insulate any pipes before covering them or boxing them in. Prevent mold formation with drywalls.


Use such furnishings that make your basement appear a welcoming space, for example, a leather recliner can turn your space into a warm, personal space.

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