Pornography: Part 1
Tom X Hart

Here is where you are wrong. Current medical thinking is that masturbation is good for you physically and mentally. This is good because nearly everyone does it. No one thinks that masturbation is ideal or a fully adequate replacement for interpersonal sex. Indeed masturbation is so tedious that pornography is often used to make the act a bit more tolerable. This is the real value of pornography. It spices up the act of masturbation so that people don’t wait until their pent up urge is so dire that they function poorly and may be tempted to engage in sexual behavior that is antisocial. Pornography is so widely available now and has been for more than a decade that if its ills were as as previously feared, they would have surely been widely manifest by now. Children don’t generally need to be taught to masturbate, as stated they all do it. But good parents and teachers should certainly try to counteract the negative baggage that has followed the practice for so many years. Something is not bad because juvenile boys name it and use the term derisively. So I will keep wanking when the wife is unavailable and hope you do too.

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