One of the foundational notions of nonviolence is that in order to be respected, one must behave well and abide by the social contract: work hard, follow the rules, and prosper. The problem is that since the begi
By the end of his life, Martin Luther King realized the validity of violence
Hanif Abdurraqib

Here is where you go wrong. Non-violent opposition is not following the rules. It is breaking the rules in every possible way that doesn’t directly cause harm to anyone but yourself. King and Gahndi spent their time in jail for breaking the rules and in so doing advanced their cause far more than those that rioted and murdered in their wake.

King came to understand riots but never instigated or even participated in one. If you want to foment one, knock yourself out. It will make folks take notice, but I doubt it will solve any of our problems. Tell me how it is going to help and I’ll go looting with you.

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