A cautionary tale about walking before you can run.

Photo by Alexandra Gorn via Unsplash

Picture the scene — you finish work, have a drink, listen to some nostalgic soul music, do a half-arsed attempt at a yoga move. ‘What a day’, you think. You really worked hard. That meeting was stressful, but you made it through without snapping, go you. You deserve a treat. You get out the suspiciously healthy ice cream and settle onto the sofa, social media in hand. Time to catch up with the world. Oooo, a notification from your favourite porn star? They’ve just released a vulva-focused jerk-off-instructions video featuring a magic wand?? You just got a magic wand! …

Shine Louise Houston’s film focuses on the sexual boundaries we set for ourselves, and how liberating it can be when we dare to explore beyond them.

Lotus Lain in ‘Chemistry Eases the Pain’ available on PinkLabel.TV

Chemistry Eases the Pain is a different kind of love story, with languid shots, a nostalgic soundtrack and sepia tones that recalls the lost youth films of the 70s. We’re introduced to boyishly charming university student Matt (Logan Pierce) as he confesses his attraction to his lesbian chemistry lab partner Frankie (Lotus Lain). She laughs him off and turns him down, returning to her protective friends and their brilliantly queer apartment (a shrine to BIPOC queer culture with posters of Angela Davis, Janelle Monae, and even Pam Grier revenge classic Coffy). …

As porn consumers we have a responsibility to listen to performers and change our habits to better protect them — it’s the least we can do.

Photo by Ben Blenerhassett via Unsplash

There has been a reckoning in porn over the last week. While protestors take to the streets to combat racial injustice, the air of change and accountability has made its way in to the American porn industry as well.

As detailed in this eye-opening article from Peepshow Media, numerous porn performers have recently come forward on Twitter to reveal the horrific experiences they’ve had in porn — from racial stereotyping, to gaslighting, to rape and sexual assault. These stories are awful — numerous directors, agents and scene partners have been getting away with the most horrendous of crimes for years

Silence right now speaks a thousand words, none of them the right ones.

Photo by Clay Banks via Unsplash

I’m a British biracial person. I have both black and white family in the US, the Caribbean and the U.K. In the last week there have been a lot of family discussions, with some pretty stark differences.

My Black cousins across countries are reaching out to each other and checking in. My Black uncles and aunts are offering advice and encouraging the younger generation to speak up, stand up. My whole Black family are organising, fundraising, educating, all while feeling hurt, triggered and tired.

What are my white family doing? Literally organising BBQs and social drinks in prematurely opened pub…

Award-winning porn director Bree Mills explains how she sees the industry evolving — from new live content, to diversity and education, to VR and animation

Bree Mills on an Adult Time set

The past few months have been a crazy time for the porn industry. While tube sites like PornHub have reported a spike in viewers, production studios have shut down, crews have lost work, and performers have pivoted to camming or producing home-made content on sites like OnlyFans. There’s an abundance of creativity in the industry however, and porn is evolving fast. The best minds in the business are working overtime to innovate content and production methods to keep fans interested and get people back to work safely.

One such brilliant mind is Bree Mills, Chief Creative Officer at ‘Netflix of…

Even in lockdown, changes in relationship status don’t affect who I am or my capacity for love

Photo by Emma Frances Logan on Unsplash

I have been in polyamorous relationships of various kinds for the last 10 years. At one point I had a partner I lived with and another in a different country. At another point I had two partners in the same city and spent equal amounts of time with both of them. In recent years I have lived with one main (or ‘primary’) partner, and have maintained several other, more casual relationships at the same time (as has he). In each of these situations, my polyamorous status was never questioned — the proof was in the partners.

Lina Bembe’s short film feels like a fever dream — warm, wet, primal, and sexy as hell

Lina Bembe in ‘Ritual Waves’ on PinkLabel.tv

In Ritual Waves, a naked woman (Bembe) crouches in a pool, waist deep in the water, surrounded by floating petals. Her auburn skin is lit by golden light, a heartbeat-driven synth soundtrack follows her deep breathing. She’s alone, yet as her eyes close we see her body caressed by shimmering golden hands — her own, or perhaps another’s. There’s a mythological feeling — a Leda and the god fantasy — something primal and ancient and mysterious. …

Before lockdown, I was happy in my BDSM-based relaxation routine — now I’m having to find innovative ways to satisfy my kinky cravings

Photo by Espressiola via Pixabay

I’m a great believer in the healing power of BDSM, at least for myself. From the first time I tried it, 10 years ago, I knew I’d found something that was going to be a big part of my life.

That fateful night is still crystal clear to me — I remember my nerves when I entered the fetish club, my awe at the amazing latex outfits, and my relief to find that patrons were welcoming to newcomers. Most of all I remember the sheer, unexpected bliss that came over me when I was flogged for the first time. My…

I used to hide my thick, visible, mixed-race body hair, now lockdown has allowed me to embrace it

@la.femme.hirsute on Instagram

I never thought I’d be grateful for any part of lockdown, bottled up with my anxiety, my partner, and a silly amount of tea. I miss people, who doesn’t? I particularly miss the other people I was dating and could be dating (polyamory is a key part of our relationship). Getting ready for dates is/was one of my favourite things — the anticipation, the outfit choosing, the make-up I’d never bother with on a normal day.

My partner and I do date nights with each other as well as other people, with one key difference — I only shave for…

From discovering new toys to audio porn, to custom videos, lockdown has become my own private kinky playground

Photo by Artem Labunsky via Unsplash

My partner and I met at a kinky party — shyly flirting next to the spanking bench, trying to ignore the slaps and sighs behind us. Kink, you could say, was a core foundation of our relationship.

Once we moved in together however, kink became less important to our sexual connection. Many couples find their groove after a while, the thing that gets them both off in the easiest, most satisfying way. For us, that remained fun, athletic, power-dynamic-based sex, but without all the fiddly ropes and toys and things. Kink takes time and effort and (in a lot of…


Aka DiscoWrites. Writer and sex educator based in London. rtcollinswrites@gmail.com. @DiscoWrites.

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