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Rajasthani Textiles — Rajasthani Carpet

Rajasthan is a home to astounding varieties of traditional art and cultural crafts. It is a place, where tourists can find century old skills, which continues to produce some of the best artistic and exciting wares in the brilliant soil of Rajasthan.

Rajasthani Carpet

One of the very famous art from the family is the Carpet,which comes in use as floor decorations. The bright use of colors and the flawless designs and knitting make them highly popular with the tourists.

The exquisite Rajasthani carpets are a popular item of export today. The designs are mostly Persian and Caucasian. The motifs consist of human figures, flora, fauna, landscapes and geometric.

Rajasthani Carpets Historical Facts

Raja Man Singh I of Amer pioneered carpet manufacturing in Rajasthan. After he acquired several exquisite carpets from Heart (Afghanistan) for his palace, he also invited artisans from there to train the local workers.

Carpet Manufacturing Industry in Jaipur

Eventually Jaipur, Bikaner and Amer became the prominent centres of carpet weaving. Carpet industry of Jaipur has surpassed many other centers in terms of extremely fine craftsmanship on wool and silk. An amazing variety of carpets in Persian, Kashmiri and Mughal styles can be fetched at real affordable prices.

Durries in Rajasthan

Rajasthan hand-woven cotton durries also known as ‘Panja’ durries are known for their remarkable geometric patterns and colours.

The rugged ethnic look adds charm to the ambiance of Rajasthani rooms. They are certainly a fave item when it comes to shopping in Rajasthan.

They not only command sizable markets in india, but also overseas.


If you happen to visit Rajasthan and finding difficult to figure out the right place to buy carpet , just comment me on this blog or mail us directly, we would be of sure assistance.