A popular tourist destination in the Philippines became the scene of chaos and confusion on June 1, as conflicting reports emerged of an attack on Resorts World Manila.

In the aftermath of the attack, Philippines police refuted Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) claims of responsibility. Days later police disclosed that a lone gunman with a gambling debt was responsible for the incident which left at least 36 people dead, many from smoke inhalation caused by fire.

RT Digital verified video surfacing on social media as the event unfolded.

Searching location keywords, we discovered the below video on Facebook that carried the description ”I live right behind Resorts World and this is happening right now.”

The uploader’s social media accounts identified her location as Manila, while images posted to her Facebook account of the incident corroborated that she filmed the video.

A distinctive roof and window pattern seen in the video matched the Maxims Hotel building adjacent to Resorts World Manila. Using Google Maps, we corroborated the uploader’s location as being nearby the casino.

Image via Facebook/Hessa Isabelle

Other eyewitness content filmed closer to the scene was found on Facebook, including the below video claiming to be taken from outside Resorts World Manila. In the video people are seen running from what we verified as being the resort.

Several identifying features in the video allowed us to verify the exact location the video was filmed, including the distinctive McDonald’s logo visible in the windows at the end of the video.

Image via Facebook

We contacted the uploader, who opened dialogue with us but asked to remain anonymous.

The uploader provided RTDD with a number of images, claiming they were taken at the location as the incident unfolded. Below is one of those images.

Image via source

Another video posted to Facebook — found through native keyword searches — was taken meters from the location of the previous video. It showed a similar scene of people fleeing from the building.

RTTD verified the location using Google Maps. We identified the distinctive Resort World sign seen illuminated in the video. Parking lot details seen in Google Street View also helped verify the location.

Image via Facebook/John Irish Francisco

Efforts to engage with social media users on-the-ground in Manila established a clear picture from around and within the building where the event was unfolding.