The Power of Glitzy Boots

3 min readNov 1, 2019


An antique magazine shop with a cover of Vogue on front on a wooden desk
Vintage art street shop captured in Paris.

Picture this. It’s Friday; you had a hectic week at work. You have tried for weeks to scrunch some time to go out with your friends but with no good luck. They have given up on that idea already. All you want to do is crawl back to your apartment and enjoy some time alone.

You usually take the tube but this time around you feel adventurous, so you start walking. There is this massive group coming towards you, laughing out loud, wearing all sorts of exciting things. You stop for a minute and wonder “I wish I could be that daring with my fashion choices and surprise myself”, but then you remember I would if my rent wasn’t that high or my travel expenses weren’t soaring.

But, then DANG all that thought process stops when this girl who has a very relaxed vibe about her is wearing a minimalistic outfit with some glitzy boots. You can’t help yourself but first compliment and then ask “Where are these boots from?”. She goes on and tells you the luxury brand, and you play it coy, knowing that maybe you can afford it. But you won’t be able to pay for rent that month.

As a new adult in the game, you do what you do best. Calculate if you can meet ends and you guessed it, it’s a no. You justify it to yourself; either way, I am not going out as much. You keep wondering though, how would those damn glitzy boots make me feel. Daring, bold and adventurous. The word adventurous sticks with you as you have been missing out on some adventure and mischief in your life. You start googling to fill this weird appetite to buying something you already know you won’t wear that much.

As you start searching, you get overwhelmed by choice. You can’t stop wondering why in the world would there be so much of everything at such a low price. The power of the internet pulls you in, and you go into the depths of this world you used to think you know about, but you have seen only the tip of the iceberg.

It gets dark, not only outside. As you start reading further, watching videos, and read some more.

You start understanding that this weird kind of appetite for consuming stuff to buy a cheap cachet is a dangerous sport as Alexa Chung beautifully put it once you get the hang of how the supply chain looks like, how clothes get produced, and who makes them.

Guilt is what you feel at first. But then you become more aware and responsible for the way you shop because now you understand how much something costs and why it costs a certain amount.

But let’s be real. You are still thinking about those glitzy boots. You wish there were a way you could connect with that girl and ask her if she can lend them to you just for a weekend. After all, one of the ways to be more sustainable is through swapping or renting clothes.

You start thinking of how cool it would be to have a cloud closet with Narnia like powers with all the items you see walking down London streets. Ahh just thinking about it makes you all jittery and excited. The stories that these pieces would tell, history these items would behold and how empowered you will feel for being part of a much-needed change.

Buckle up! The cloud closet is becoming true after all; we are launching in London in a few weeks. Make sure to subscribe at to get notified about our launching day.




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