LinkedIn for Personal Branding

I know it sounds like I’m beating a dead horse here, but I wanted to reinforce the importance of being an active LinkedIn user. I’ve been using LinkedIn pretty efficiently for years now, and over time, I’ve realized how powerful of a tool it can be for creating and refining your brand. Maybe you should start paying more attention to articles like the one I recently found, called, 7 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn to Boost Your Personal Brand. You never know what headhunter or recruiting agency may be looking to match you up with a great employment opportunity. The article suggests that you should use a professional and polished headshot, and use your headline as your “mini elevator pitch.” The article also provides several tips and examples, and I’d like to share my personal tips on creating a killer LinkedIn presence and building a strong personal brand:

1. Stay active on LinkedIn, even when you’re not job hunting.

I know many individuals who beef up their LinkedIn profile only when they are actively looking for a job. I think this is a missed opportunity. I once received a brilliant piece of information from a mentor of mine. He warned that I should always protect my professional reputation. It’s something that transcends my current position and will impact my career development, regardless of my role at a specific company. It’s important to continue to refine your LinkedIn profile and establish yourself in your network. And perhaps, a new employment opportunity may fall into your lap. Make it a habit to ask those you’ve worked for and with, to write you a recommendation while you’re fresh on their minds. Be sure to return the favor. These recommendations will come in handy one day!

2. Look to other professionals in your industry to use as models.

Another reason why I am constantly updating my LinkedIn, is because I am constantly taking inspiration from other successful individuals in my network and industry. Pick and choose the best elements of their profile to improve your own. Your profile should clearly define your goals and skills, and show some of your personality. Be sure to share the personalized link to your LinkedIn profile on your resume, and other areas where you’d like to reinforce your brand.

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