How To Maximize Your Earnings And Do As Little As Possible To Get It.

Sounds like another of those countless and pointless pitches. Maybe, for all of you it is.

How to maximize your earnings and do as little as possible to get it.

Have an “It.”

“It” in my case is a protector spirit. I’ve sensed its existence for as long as I can remember. Way back into my childhood to present day. Granted, I sense its ass is worn out with the way I have lived my life — balls out & swinging in my contrail as I go forth and prosper…

…until I “Wylie Coyote” into the side of a mountain and lose it all (Lose it all again but that’s a whole different tale).

How do you get an “It?” Unfortunately, for those without an “It,” I believe it was assigned or volunteered at your birth. I’m not particularly religious so I don’t believe religion is in play although my family would say it was God. Maybe so but I think not.

How can you tell if you have an “It?” You probably can tell or sense that you have one. If you haven’t pushed yourself in any form or fashion, you may not have enabled its capabilities. If you’ve ever said to yourself, “How the fuck did I just live through what I just went through?” You probably have an “It.”

Also, I don’t believe these protector spirits are superhuman. They appear to be subjected to physical limitations. Maybe mathematical limitations that we as human beings haven’t developed enough to understand. You may not come out of a situation unscathed but upon afterthought can see that it turned out to be a wonderfully positive outcome despite the initial damage.

But, the riches my protector spirit has bestowed upon me must come at a price, I wonder. I don’t believe it wants my soul. It could’ve had that long ago.

I feel love. Possibly, a great love from a previous life. Maybe, it just cares about me. A Valkyrie for whom I sacrificed myself in a majorly chivalrous moment.

I must have earned its favor. That would give me a sense of earned justification for the protection I have received.

Lastly, when all is said and done; having taxed its capabilities, I wish it sees to perform a final task and takes me to a good place so I could thank it eternally for a life well lived.

I might be crazy and so be it. But, I hope not.

p.s. Protector spirit. Please bring my dog with us when it is her time.

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