The Most Profitable Energy Efficient Lighting Service in the World

If you are searching for a lighting solution which is cheap, effective and eco-friendly as well, RTG Lightning is here to help you. Our company was established in 2005 in the Hudson valley region in New York and we are ISO-9001 quality system certified. From the day of our beginning, we have provided complete customer satisfaction which leaves them with a feeling of trust and reliability. We have been considered the best lighting manufacturesin the New York.
We also provide a large number of lighting services like,

Electronic HID, it provides immediate reduction in energy usage and have less than 1 minute warm up time and less than 4 minutes hot restart.

LED lighting, LED’s are more efficient than fluorescent, and 6 times more efficient than incandescent, free of harmful mercury and have an excellent thermal efficiency.

Induction lighting, they have many benefits like they are 100% recyclable, maintenance free, instant start and instant re-striking and wide range of wattage.

We are a well-known name in the field of eco-friendly lighting and we have a widespread business. We have a group of professionals who are always ready to provide you with the profitable advices. We are determined to provide our customers the best and the most effective solutions regarding their lighting problems. Our services are accurate and always on-time. All of these cost efficient services are just one click away from you, so hurry up and log on to our website for booking an appointment with our professionals.

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