We all know the Stories feature; the content that you post on the platform which disappears automatically within 24 hours. Beyond that time limit, no one is able to view them anymore.

It all started with Snapchat Stories “back in the day”, to be later imitated by Facebook on their Facebook-owned Instagram as Instagram Stories, and soon after on their main app as Facebook Stories. The success soon led to the implementation of this feature on another app of theirs, Whatsapp.

Soon after, Stories became the “it factor” for everyone — influencers, brands, communities. The posts became limited to specific/…

Your mornings set up how your day will turn out to be, and your morning rituals decide how your morning will turn out to be.

If you have a cranky start to your day, the entire day's mood will be the same. Have a positive start to your day and the entire day's mood will be positive.

These six morning rituals will help you kickstart the day the right way - they take time to become a part of your daily routine - however, once they turn into habits, the results start appearing.

A. Stay away from your screen…

Top 5 Tips if you’re starting a Blog!
Top 5 Tips if you’re starting a Blog!

Whether it’s creating images for Instagram, or creating bite-sized informational tweets, or creating TikTok videos, the wave revolves from one platform to another, but the trend of blogging has been there forever.

Whether you’re an influencer, or a reviewer, or a content writer, a thought contributor or a thought leader, blogging has been the base for everyone. It gives you the platform to express yourself, your perspective — in detail.

When it comes to blogging, there are a lot of things to take care of, before sharing your content with your audience, however, here are top 5 tips for blogging…

Social Media is filled with brands selling products and services and consumers receiving hundreds of ads every day, in a confused state of mind. Why? Because, these people aren’t brand loyalists and on top of that, may have never heard of those brands too.

So, what’s the right way for the brands to proceed?
Focus on building a brand and providing value on digital platforms. From a long-term perspective, the audience will connect to the brand and thus, their products and services too.

Here are six takeaways to keep in mind while building your brand on social media -


How to build your Personal Brand?

In the previous articles, ‘Why now is the right time to build your Personal Brand’ (Click here to read it) — the focus was on the importance of Personal Branding in 2019 — its what and why. In another article, titled ‘You’re being Googled’ (Click here to read it) — various situations in different types of careers have been pointed out when either we or someone else Googles us, and how you can be at the forefront of those situations.

Here’s a quick take on how relevant a personal brand can be —

Whether you’re
- applying for college
- looking for an internship / applying for a job
- (freelancer) looking for a project
- starting your firm and looking for a team/ investors/ customers
- an influencer
- an industry expert,
in such or any other situation, irrespective of your industry, by your employer or by your customer, by your future employee or your audience, you’re being Googled.

Before any value exchange takes place — in terms of the above situations or more, in this Age of the Individual, people want to know with whom are they interacting!

Whether it’s heading…

Have you ever Googled yourself? Were you satisfied with the results?

As Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon) famously said, “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

In this smartphone era, with everyone’s attention on their screens and most of that time spent on social media platforms, it’s also The Age of the Individual.

Creating the content on the social media platforms broadens to every human being too, with a unique journey or an incredible story to tell and these platforms provide the opportunity to do so.

Every photographer, every writer, every poet, every…

Once you choose the path of entrepreneurship for you, with or without experience, you’d know it’s not a simple path! With the achievements and opportunities, there are challenges too!

With the right mindset, even with problems to take care of, even with obstacles ahead, you’ll be able to proceed further with a clear thought process.

Although, how do you set the right mindset for Entrepreneurship?

Here are five important pointers which make the most sense when it comes to setting the right mindset. Plus, these points apply to entrepreneurship as well as to life.

  1. Do everything according to your own…

To pursue entrepreneurship, you first need to ask yourself these three questions — What, Why and How of Entrepreneurship?

A. What is Entrepreneurship for you?
Before starting up, you need to answer what entrepreneurship means to you. Whether the solution is providing value or living on your own terms or experiencing a luxurious life, all are fine — but, you need to know the answer for a clearer path in the future.

B. Why Entrepreneurship?
For most people, the current image of entrepreneurship states earning money and buying luxurious items. After hearing the question, “What’s the first luxurious item you desire?”…

The execution is exciting, yet challenging when the idea comes from within you. I believe in this, plus I’ve experienced it too when Zazz Media started.
Ere November’15, a month before commencing, none of the steps taken in life was intended or calculated from the prospect of starting an agency. Never knew it would happen in the future!
One precise day in November when I thought, “This is it.” and all my strengths played like a movie in my mind leading up to that moment!* Let me explain!

→ Being in the family business of media publication since…

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