Why now is the right time to build a personal brand?

Have you ever Googled yourself? Were you satisfied with the results?

As Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon) famously said, “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

In this smartphone era, with everyone’s attention on their screens and most of that time spent on social media platforms, it’s also The Age of the Individual.

Creating the content on the social media platforms broadens to every human being too, with a unique journey or an incredible story to tell and these platforms provide the opportunity to do so.

Every photographer, every writer, every poet, every gamer, every entrepreneur and people from other different professions now have the platform to create their brand.

Imagine if could watch a daily vlog of a Steve Jobs or Jeff Bezos, back in the day, building the Apples and Amazons and documenting their journey while doing so? People would pay more than their Netflix subscriptions to watch that content.

You may realize it or not, but every person’s journey is unique. It could be inspiring for another person out there, which might change his life, and it was your content that turned out to be the catalyst.

The above content might have cleared the basics; however, if it hasn’t, let me explain what Personal Branding is?

When a person starts following a Nike or Apple, he or she doesn’t do so only for the product or the service they’re receiving, but about the experience that they feel while interacting with the brand, add to that, aligning themselves to the brand’s vision and supporting it in every step of their way.

Now apply that same logic to your personal brand. It is about you; however, at the same time, it also isn’t. Your vision (your goals), your values, your journey, and your experiences with different people — which constitutes of your interactions and your learning with them represents your brand.

Personal Branding is about authenticity — you have to be real; you have to be original. If you try to create a front, how long do you think it will last? Your authenticity comprises of the ‘what are you doing’, ‘why are you doing it’ and the ‘how’.

Why does personal branding matter?

It’s not limited to someone accomplishing something on their own. For every person applying to a college or an entry-level job or even applying to a c-level job, your brand matters everywhere. Let’s say, what you share is what comes up when another person searches you and this information will basically, form their opinions and base their decisions on it.

Apart from this, your brand also matters in the following areas:

  • Interviews/ Job Placements (as we have covered above)
  • Promotions (when you specialize in a particular sector and are sharing content about it, brands will approach you to promote their products/ services through you)
  • Partnerships
  • Speaking Engagements/ Books

Why now?

Let’s start with the fact that, the best time to have built a personal brand was in 2015. And, the next best time is now.

With people’s attention towards their smartphone and the majority of the people spending hours every day on social media platforms, it is easier than before to make an impression on these platforms.

With content playing the pivotal role, it is not about who is providing this content (or rather how famous you are), but it is about how valuable the content is and whether it appears in front of the right audience.

Whether you’re good at text, audio or video, the opportunities available today are endless. You need to take the decision and start now!

In today’s market, a strong personal brand is no longer a “like to have”, but a “must have”. No matter who handles your profiles, you have to make sure that you do it the right way.
Planning, strategy and execution, three things to take care of while proceeding with your decision to create your brand.

In this article, we have covered the basics of Personal Branding and why now is the right time to start. We shall also be covering how it impacts people from different sectors, the pillars to creating a strong brand and more in our future articles.

If you would like to take this ahead, our agency Zazz Media specializes in the planning and strategy creation to build a Personal Brand. Contact us at zazzmediaindia@gmail.com to discuss the best custom solution for you.

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