Real News

Can I just take a hot minute to tell you something?

I have to write it down so I know it’s real. You know how hard it is to even digest this news? Hold on, I need to sit down.

PS I have been jumping for the last 10 minutes.

After, knocking on countless doors, a door has finally opened. Gosh, I’m being so vague aren’t I? My brain is still processing. It’s still running on Windows XP- talk about a slow processor.

I got the news, I have been cordially invited to join a new industry, the industry I actually studied for, the industry I have been wanting to go into, wanting to explore and today, is that day. After, countless attempts, countless no’s and not being the right fit for everything from here to Mars — I got a yes.

I just don’t know what to feel. I think this is called shock.

But here I am, writing it down so I can ground myself so I can get ready for a new chapter.

So once I hit publish, I might actually believe this is real.

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