Title is not necessary

I really just felt like writing. Or typing. Seeing my words appear as I type on my keyboard, tap tap tap —

It’s been quite a mix bag of days, the last few weeks. I am having a hard time sleeping and I cannot trace it to one thing anymore. You know, when you think it’s maybe the anxiety but then some other events unfold and you just add it to your plate, you start to think ok maybe after I resolve, this/that — it’s just like having Christmas dinner you know? You just eat too much and well you go to sleep but imagine, no matter how hard you try (or not try) you just can’t sleep.

It’s frustrating.

And yet, I have experienced my highest highs too. I feel like everything is falling into place, you know? Maybe, my current lack of sleep has given me the false hope to believe, maybe it will all work out.

But I don’t think I even believe that it is at all false hope. I just feel optimistic of the future and I’m okay with this feeling.

I mean, you get set backs right? I’ve gotten a fair few but the world is about balance and well, it’s time to weigh up — and I feel it shifting.

I guess, I just wanted to write that down, instead of just having it in my mind, whirling around. Not swirls, literally like whirlpools.

I suppose the sun will rise soon — isn’t that crazy?

I suppose I should close my eyes and just keep at it. Just keep going you know? I like that, I like that there is a direction, even if I have no sense of direction. I feel like I am not stationary anymore and it’s just quite cool.

#moving (as in, I’m moving not that this piece is a moving piece of literature, but if you think so, that’s cool too).