An Open Letter to My Mother, Who “Might” Vote for Donald Trump

I can understand why people might not want to vote for Clinton — they’re tired of the same old thing they’ve been getting from Washington, and are desperate for change.

But by all that is sacred, how low must Trump sink before you realize that he is categorically unfit to hold ANY political office, nevermind President?

Over the course of the campaign, Trump has:

  • Mocked a disabled person
  • Threatened to commit war crimes (attacking the families of terrorists)
  • Ban members of a religion from entering the US — just because of their religion.
  • Promoted torture
  • Said he’d allow other nations access to nuclear weapons.
  • Threatened to deport 11 million people.
  • Kept up an argument over a past insult for nearly a week.
  • Bullied the press with threats of lawsuits.
  • Used campaign appearances to promote his own businesses.
  • Outright lied time and time again about his past statements.
  • Praised foreign dictators.

And we have also seen that in his past he has:

  • Run a fraudulent “university”.
  • Cheated veterans out of charitable donations.
  • Refused to pay his bills, driving small companies into bankruptcy.
  • Used the Trump Foundation — which he hasn’t donated to for over eight years — to pay off personal legal debts.

At this point, how can ANYONE still be supporting this sorry excuse for a human being?

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