I despise money. Absolutely hate it.
Zõmbïē Sølö

If it weren’t money it would be something else…there’s something about the way humans construct large societies that make money (or whatever equivalent) a necessity. Maybe if we lived in very small communities payments for things would become irrelevant but look back at the whole of human history — when humans start to live in large communties payments becomes the thing that keeps that wheel moving. I’ve no knowledge of anthropology, sociology etc so couldn’t even begin to answer why this is the case but it seems every culture in every part of the world developed some sort of payment method once their societies hit a certain size…must be something about it that works or at least works better than the alternative? Not to say the construct of payment is fair or palatable but humans are adept at turning workable ideas into corrupt ideologies so if you can think of any reasonable alternative to money you can guarantee someone else could manipulate it into something bad…

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