Tasker A UX Case Study

Tasker Mobile App | A UX Case Study


Technology is touching every part of our life to make it more easier and productive. Often we can't remember what we suppose to do or we too busy to do our daily jobs that we forget to to small things like, Buy food for our pets.

Here is the listed problems we have solved by the Tasker App.

  1. Hard to find right moving company in a short time period.
  2. Professional moving company will cost you a lot.
  3. You forgot to do any task

Working Process

For design process like any other agencies and companies, We tried to include our design process step by step, We all know that design process can be customisable based on team and project requirements.

Map: We created multiple map for most possible way to user can complete his job by our solution. you can see the user flow as below

3.1 Mapping

Sketch: Quick sketch will help you to share your thoughts with others. Though we are working as a team on this project. So, we need to collaborate closely to solve the problems with better solutions. sketch is something that one can visualize the whole thing in a paper with a pencil to persue the goal. That's why we did tons on sketches to get into the final solution, 3.2 here are some example of our final sketches.

3.2: Hand Sketch for Paper Prototype

Visual Design: we move further with the sketch into visual design. In visual design process we focused to give the user most user friendly design interface to interact. We tried to create as simple as possible layout for on the go users. Most of our targeted users will use this app on the go. We focus on to give users clear message to make it less confusing.

3.5 Signup Process
3.6 Notification & Edit Profile
3.7 Post Task & Deposit

Prototyping:Well, we know how important it is to get feedback from the users are essentials for designing applications through tap-able prototype. Communicate and get feedback from the users are essential for application designing. Tab able prototype will help you to go closer to the real application. We used Marvel app to build our tap-able prototype.


User Testing:
We managed few people to test the prototype that we created for testing. We got really amazing feedbacks from our tester. It was one of the best experiences while User-testing.

Improve User Experience:
After getting tested by the users we found some serious major issues, We had updated major flows and screens based on feedbacks.

Final Solution

"User are in hurry to complete the job, We made easy and hassle free solution for micro task"

4.1 Home & Filters
  1. Home/Task Directory Screen: User can browse existing task and create new task from a single page. We showed most wanted information so that user can filter easily from a long list of tasks.
  2. Filter Screen: We added most demand filters to find the right person to get the job done for you. Now people also can search right job which one goes well to the user.

Team Luova Studio

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