Black and White? More like dull and boring.

This Nexxus add about styling products features a black and white color palate and centers on a woman who looks to be bending slightly to her left side. The logo can be seen in the upper left hand corner and the only color in the add is on the actual product itself, in the lower left hand corner. The effectiveness of this ad is low because it lacks many of the important and crucial aspects of a good advertisement.

A few visual components of the add to note is the fact that the logo is in the top left corner, which is an odd place for a logo. The arrangement of this add is poorly situated, as the first thing the eye goes to is the picture of the styling products in the bottom corner, because they are the only thing is color. Instead of focusing our eye on a central figure and then traveling in a circle to notice all parts of the add, the way they set this up kind of forces you to ignore all else at first except for the bottles of styling product.

In addition to this, the color used, or lack there of, does not do anything to help the ad relay any kind of message. No warm or cool colors are being used to enhance the advertisement, and the black and white makes it look boring and unappealing. I also found it weird that they added the line “for hair that lives to move” in slightly smaller print at the way bottom of the ad. If this is supposed to serve as the product’s slogan, it should be much bigger and easier to see, and should stand out to whoever is viewing the add, which is does not.

Overall, the use of text in this advertisement is very poor, as the slogan is hard to find, the headline is at the bottom of the add, and the body copy is not placed in a good position. “For hair that lives to move” should be big, bold and not stuck at the bottom. The headline, which reads “discover salon crafted styling for exceptional hold” is also towards the bottom and in no way draws any attention. The whole thing is quite boring and drab and does nothing to make me or any other viewer think that this product is anything close to exceptional.

This ad can be seen as using the appeal need for prominence because it tries to emphasize “exceptional hold” and specifically for “hair that lives to move”, and is trying to get women, most likely younger women, to see this and realize they need this product in order to make their hair look the best it can. The USP of this ad is that they’re trying to say that their product is exceptional and salon crafted, making it seem like their product was constructed from the hands of professionals who know exactly what a good styling product takes to make, unlike every other styling product out there. Every other product out there may have also been constructed from the hands of professionals, but Nexxus is the one who emphasizes and plays on this aspect of their product.

Overall, this add was not very effective because it lacked a lot of important aspects of a good, effective advertisement. The color and arrangement of the objects in the ad does not do a good job of drawing attention or making the viewer feel any certain type of way. The slogan and headline are poorly placed and also do a poor job of enhancing the message the advertisement is trying to convey. Bad advertising like this will only make people not interested in buying this product, and will not do a good job of holding people’s attention. In order to construct a strong advertisement, the ad must contain aspects that serve to grab attention while still informing the viewer of how their product stands out effectively from others.

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