The Cloud In Cyberspace Explained



The cloud is a popular mystery.

Everyone who uses the wonders of the internet has been involved with the cloud, whether you are aware of it or not. Of course, this “ Cloud” is not a physical thing but a network of servers that provides different functions.

From storing data to accessing documents, the cloud is the mother-ship and everything goes through it before anywhere else. For example, cloud computing is used when editing on google docs, uploading pictures to Instagram or files on Dropbox, all of these services are cloud computing. The Cloud acts as an online storage space accessible through the internet with no need of downloading any extra applications to your PC.

Benefits to Working in The Cloud

Organizations that move to using “ The Cloud” are often based on financial reasons but also for it’s many benefits.

Cloud Computing keeps IT ( Information Technology ) to a minimum. Since all you need to pay for are the services you need to use on the cloud, any business organizations no matter their value can work within the cloud.

Compared to IT services which require constant updates, repairs and installments, the cloud is much more manageable as you enjoy a simple web-based user interface for accessing software, applications and services.

Overall, the Cloud emphasizes easily accessible documents to be worked on anywhere at anytime without the worries of any IT services.

The Downside of The Cloud


Using Cloud computing has become a norm for online users and so cloud service providers can be overwhelmed with the amount of data that is moving around constantly, which can cause technical outrages. This can shut down any business from doing work. Additionally, if there is no internet connection there is no cloud to connect to, blocking any access to documents.


You might have heard of the iCloud hackers that achieved success into breaching private photos of well known celebrities such as Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift but although it is possible it is highly unlikely. Yes, you are trusting your data in someone else’s hands but do not be paranoid as the Cloud provides the best certified security standards and although they are vulnerable to risks, the worlds greatest hackers would not be too interested in your holiday pictures or weekly assignments. But, if you were to have the secret blueprint to creating a successful time machine, then you would need to have an extra wall of security.

The Cloud is Collaborations Best friend

With all of this said, The Cloud makes it easier for work to be done by making it accessible to everyone involved. It cuts expenses and promotes efficiency. Work can be done at anytime, anywhere with internet connection. Compared to IT services which has its limits, The Cloud benefits any organization and can help reach their goals and potential.