The Computer Age : An Introduction to Netiquette

After spending countless hours on the internet whether it would be playing games, exploring the web or watching YouTube I have never really realized that there was an official “polite” way of using the World Wide Web.

Turns out that Netiquette was a word that was here since the beginning of computers. The blend of net and etiquette, Netiquette the correct or acceptable way of communicating over the internet. Thinking now from my experiences online I can really tell the difference between a “troll”

and a genuine user friendly genius. Trolls are the type of people to ruin the fun out of everything and if you have ever played an online game that requires teammates then you know how annoying they can be.

Could have saved him man….

But the good side of the internet carries the people who actually give you correct information on Yahoo answers, provide you with help and actually have a sense of respect and filter.

To simplify things here are the basic Do’s and Don’ts of the Web


  1. Share accurate and honest information.
  2. Keep flamers under control and help those who are attacked by trolls.
  3. Interact with people with the same courtesy as you would do in real life person to person.
  4. Know that you are in Cyberspace and everything you write and post can be potentially tracked and traced.
  5. Remember that the people on the other side of those computers are also humans who have feelings.


  1. Plagiarism is forbidden, give credit to the creator for everything you get online.
  2. Avoid giving false information purposely, wasting a users time and bandwidth is not cool.
  3. Avoid the ALL CAPS unless you intend on YELLING because yelling at people in real life for no reason is unnecessary and the same goes for online as well.
  4. Do not spam or forward anything countless times, it is just annoying and just fills up the inbox where people are too lazy to move or delete emails.
  5. Do not unleash your anger online, where you flame other people for everything and give out racial inappropriate slurs.

Basically you do not want to be the angry sarcastic hater on YouTube comments but the person with a high rating on Yahoo answers who helps you in your most dire moments.

Just remember that everything you post online can be potentially accessible to everyone and so whatever you post can either damage or benefit you. Everybody has their own thoughts and opinions and just because they won’t necessarily know who you are offline does not mean you can abuse your power of being anonymous.

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