Dos Equis- Face of the Franchise

“He can slam a revolving door”

“He is the life of the parties…he has never attended”

“He has inside jokes with complete strangers”

Yet these are only a few of the incredible things The Most Interesting Man in the World can do.

One of the greatest memes ever to be released, the Great Jonathan Goldsmith (The Most Interesting Man) has been a theme to many to inspire outrageous scenarios and qualities, perfect for this Meme.

With about 1.3 million unique remixes to date and with a constant increase ever since 2007. This meme is ranked as one of the top ten memes in the world according to- The advertising campaign created by Dos Equis was claimed to be a stroke of genius by the market and internet as it has a huge amount of success in both areas.

The Secret to the Success

It’s Simple. He is The Most Interesting Man in The World

Who wouldn’t want to follow him on his path to manliness? He is every women's dream and every man’s idol. Capable of all things, no obstacle can overcome him as he breezes through the world with ease. Solving the world’s most difficult problems with the most direct and simplest solutions, no other human can even compare to his status.

This is how he is portrayed and his courageous image is what defines his success. With what he does around the world and how he does things, is purely incredible and it just creates a smile and a sense of amazement in viewers when exposed to his brilliance.

A small dose of advertising by Dos Eqius-


With a theme that can go with pretty much everything as he can do the impossible, it’s amazing how creative users can be with this meme based on current trends.

The possibilities are endless and with such a great advertising campaign to influence and support the process, it will continue to grow and evolve.

Many other sources have also used The Most Interesting Man as inspirations to promote their own product. For Example, NBA Players Steve Nash helped promote Vitamin Water in his stunt as The Most Ridiculous Man in the World, while Rudy Gay claimed to be The Most Interesting Player in The NBA to promote his votes for the 2011 all-star game, which sadly did not get him into the all star game. It was a great effort though as the commercial did show some of Goldsmiths character in Rudy Gay.

Steve Nash…
Rudy Gay…

The New Cover Man

After 10 years of Jonathan Goldsmith, The marketing group of Dos Equis thought that a new era of drinkers are upcoming and the face of the franchise would need to change as the eras change. The 77 year-old phenom Jonathan Goldsmith would retire his unforgettable 10 year legacy, the only way possible.

A one way Mission to Mars.

A Glorious ending and a clever solution to promote and spark the new face of the franchise. Augustin Legrand .

Can Augutin Legrand fill the shoes of the Most Interesting Man? Probably not. But, it is the start of a new generation and possibly a new meme that can evolve from the original.

Although, Goldsmith left a huge gap to fill he also left in a way that sparks the up incoming in Legrand. Who knows what the internet can come up with.

Will a new meme be created? Or will Dos Equis fall from the loss of their prized model?

The minds of the users online are unpredictable and creative so only time will tell how this tale of Dos Equis memes will unravel.

For now enjoy a compilation of Dos Equis Commercials from the Original “The Most Interesting Man in the World.”
Created by me