The Untold Uses of Audacity


The free-to-use, multi-track editor and recorder which is loved by many users because of the open source software, Audacity has grown to become more than what was bargained.

The basics allow:

Audacity allows users to be creative on their own and explore all aspects of the possibilities within the website. This leads to users being able to freely express themselves and create outstanding more uses for the site.

When People got creative on Audacity
  • Podcasting & Radio
  • Record Speeches, Audition Material, Adverts & Voice-Overs
  • Recording Audio From Applications
  • Practice Foreign Languages And Record Yourself
  • Create Audiobooks For Kids Or For Project Gutenberg
  • Create Karaoke Backing Tracks
  • Make Cool Ringtones


There are countless more ways users have thought of to make use of Audacity. The great thing about the open source software is that anyone can come up with more ideas and anyone can explore the sources.

An intro to get you started !

There is so much that can be done with Audacity and many users have already benefited from this program. Video editing, Game commentaries, Montages, and even Autotune! The possibilities are limitless and with this the freedom to create is what they’re all about.