What Google Can’t Find: The Deep Web

Only 4% of the World Wide Web can be found using search engines such as Google.

This small percent is called the “Surface Web”, information search engines can access and is “visible” to the mainstream public.

94% of the World Wide Web is referred to as the “Deep Web” where more private information is kept and is “invisible” to search engines.

The Deep web is actually accessed routinely as you check emails, online bank statements, direct messages through social media and all the sorts which are made private. These are all regarded as the “Deep Web”

A basic structure of the WWW-

As shown above there is another part to the internet known as the “Dark Web”, being part of the deep web it is only accessible through specialized software to provide anonymity while online. A very mysterious and dangerous area where users such as…

… exist.

But, really the dark web is not to be taken lightly as it is like venturing into an unknown space, with little to no knowledge of the possibilities that can happen as many experienced “hackers” can easily manipulate users as anonymity is key to the Dark Web.

There is light in the Deep Web : Advantages

Portrayed by the media, this “other” part of the internet can be seen as a place purely for those dark souls of the web. The online criminals, drug dealers, hit-men and black market run by a fast typing hooded hacker is a basic picture which is associated with this “Deep Web”.

It is true, there are users like this. But, the anonymity can be used to pursue many other ideals.

While using specialized servers to access content anonymously may have a dangerous potential for crime, the truth is the deep web is completely necessary and part of our daily routines on the web. It is “behind the scenes” feature of the World Wide Web.

Exploring anonymously is a great way to avoid tracking and protection from unknown strangers. Maybe, you are attempting to deny big corporations from discovering personal information. Perhaps, you may live in a oppressive government who limits and surveillance the internet. Hiding identity has many perks to it as venturing into the web has become untraceable.

The Deep web contains a rich amount of valuable information which are not accessible through the surface web. This can help scholars, activist, journalist to find truth and further their knowledge.

Although the Deep Web may have dark alleys, it also a valuable section to many users across the globe. Containing quality research material and providing protection from lurking eyes, Users can access information without restrictions and limits. The only thing is to be cautious for potential risks, from those evil genius hackers who can virtually manipulate everything on the web. But, other than that feel free to enjoy exploring anonymously as everyone is seen as equal in the “Deep Web”.