Accusations Of Ruan M. Marinho Being An Online Scammer On Rip Off Report — How To Defend Yourself Online

Recently I was attacked online by someone trying to damage my name online. The person has tried several things online to ensure people discontinue to make purchases from me and my company, DeveloMark LLC.

The sad thing is, people generally believe the reviews that they see online. Being a victim of online defamation, if you read this post it will save your name online, your companies name, and save you thousands of dollars from lost business online. On my personal website Ruan Marinho I cover more in-depth about these accusations but in this post, I am going to show you how to defend against an internet attack.

What is a Rip Off Report: there is a website online called the Rip Off Report where you can send in complaints about a company, person, or really anything you really want to blast up there.

The power of the Rip Off Report is that it ranks on the first page of Google. This is the prime reason that if your name ends up on the ROR, it is likely the attacker understands the effect of the ROR. Real customers who have real complaints, don’t even know of its existence.

If you’re like me, it is likely that it is someone who doesn’t want to see you succeed is placing reviews online.

Rip Off Report has stated that they do not take down ROR reports because that is “not their business”. Here is a video of another victim explaining rip off report a little:

Rip Off Report banks on extortion, it places you higher in the search engines and they then request several thousands of dollars to remove something that is either not real. Here is a clear image of the owner of ROR:

You can for sure tell what type of business this is. But let me show you the full story of how I made the rip-off report because of a jealous hater on YouTube.

Agenthelios1: it all started with a username commenting horrendous things on my YouTube channel. The username is “agenthelios1”, and this liar is using defamation to take my results and hard work down.

The first contact the attacker had with me is shown down below:

After leaving an extremely violent comment thread, I kept getting more hateful comments in right before and after the rip-off report:

Shortly after these comments on my YouTube channel, I started receiving threatening phone calls such as, “I know where you “FUC****” live you piece of sh** I’m going to come get you”.

Once I heard this on the phone, I couldn’t believe it. Posting free content on youtube and genuinely trying to help people backfired on me.

When a Rip Off Report Happens: the moment I received my ripoff report, I immediately knew the person was trying to damage my name. Not only did they add my personal name, but they also added my company and my course. There really was no reason to add my name and my course name, this is how I knew they were trying to damage my reputation.

When I saw this I freaked out, I reacted and sent a response to this post which was a huge mistake because it increases the Rip Off Report’s rankings in Google.

Here are some things many people believe they can accomplish after a ROR attack:

  • sue ROR
  • pay someone to find the attacker
  • get it removed from search results by filing a removal order

Unfortunately, none of these are viable options. Trust me I have tried all of them and you can see more information as to why ROR does this here.

At first I really thought it was a client and it started to get to me, making me wonder “am I actually good enough to do this”?

Sooner or later I snapped out this feeling and was convinced this was a false accusation (which it is). So I started to do some research for “agenthelios1”

I began the search by doing a site search in google such as “site:”agenthelios1" and found a whole history of comments the attacker has left on other videos.

Here is a comment that was left on a YouTube video shortly after mine:

A comment from “agenthelios1” left on a youtube video shortly after commenting on mine

At this moment I realized I was dealing with someone toxic and felt an immediate threat to my business and my name. Soon after this rip off report, I received another, from the same person, but this time it was targeting me personally making up a story of my beating a woman:

Once again notice the title is stuffed with my name so it appears higher in the search engines. The attacker is following protocol by ensuring the dates of the reports are believable and set up a few months in part.

Notice the title of the ROR is my company name with every single variation spelt out. If someone had a real complaint, they would not title it like that on both of the rip off reports.

Sadly enough, they even photoshopped my likes on my page:

And here was my response to this report:

This must have upset the attacker as he then proceeded to leave a remark of my innocent girlfriend on, another rip off website that requires no evidence:

Using images from my girlfriends social media, the attacker photoshopped images to appear as if she was on an escort website.

This made my heart drop because it really is not fair that someone around me has to suffer. My girlfriend wasn’t nearly as upset as I was because I knew that this was a direct cause and effect from the free content that I put out.

As things slowed down a bit I was attacked with two more negative reviews. This time they went onto another BS website called sitejabber and even mentioned their BS lies from the ROR they created:

The other negative review the attacker left was on my company “Glassdoor” account, a review website where employee’s can leave a company a review. The attacker left a fake company review:

In the advice to management, they once again mention Facebook likes in the advice to management section to make the ROR seem believable. Here are REAL reviews of people who work with me:

These are people on payroll that come in everyday to work ready to provide digital services to the clients in our network.

It Progressed… the attacker realized they couldn’t use the same account over and over again on my youtube, so they created a new phony one… Scott D

You may have seen his comments on my channel, they look something like this:

As every good SEO does, it was time for the attacker to promote the link. The attacker started commenting on my YouTube videos under several social accounts to try and damage my ratings. Here are some more comments from the attacker under the Scott D account:

Here the attacker was offended that I have 6 dental clients and he doesn’t have anything. All’s he has is a computer to hide behind in his grandparents basement

All of these pointless comments were placed in SPAM and I still manually approved the comments because hey… why not:

The interesting thing is the attacker deleted all of their comments from the Agenthelios1 username. Here was a video they had a comment on but is no longer there as they knew I was investigating:

You can see he left a comment on this video here: yet is no longer published as I called them out in comments on my channel

Once it was clear that I knew who agenthelios1 was, the attacker amped up the attacks online. This time, a little different approach but I will be honest I will give them credit for the creativity on this one.

Instead of commenting on my YouTube videos, they figured they would call spoofing using my cellphone number in an effort to annoy consumers ultimately turning into bad reviews about my company online.

Here is how it works: The attacker uses your business number doing call spoofing. Once the attacker does this, they use robo calling services to spam your area. Once people are annoyed, they go out of their way to leave a bad review of a company.

Here is a call recording of someone “claiming” I called their home:

How do I know the attacker was call spoofing? I was able to find a company that went out of business because of solicited calls. I was advised legally to not mention the company as it is being used as evidence at the moment.

I am not going to go more in depth on this topic as there are legal boundaries of what I can mention here due to the investigation.

If you’re ever approached with a situation such as this, follow these steps.

Here is what you should do first: what you should first do is sit down and seriously think about the comment, was it a real customer? If it is a real customer, you need to sit down and seriously think about how you’re going to approach the situation. It is extremely important to remember that what you say can be used by the attacker to incriminate you. What you say online now matters in a world where screenshots are always available.

If they were not a customer, simply do not respond as engagement with the ROR will result in a higher Google search result ranking.

Your Next Steps: now that you have really thought about the next steps to take, I can show you how to defend yourself against the attack. Your goal with protecting yourself is by ranking positive information on the first page of Google. By doing so, the ROR and falsified information will be pushed down the search engine results.

Become Active On Social Media: To start, become social on popular social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin and much more.

By doing so Google will notice the uptick in activity and rank the social profile on the first page of Google.

Here is a search for “Ruan Marinho” in Google

Notice the first social profile that Google displays are YouTube, my most active social media profile.

Structure Your Website For Proper SEO: being an SEO myself, I can share with you the importance of using SEO to suppress search engine results. Consider common phrases someone is searching that is associated with your name. For me, it would look something like:

  • name + reviews
  • name + scam
  • name + rip off report

Because of this, I recommend you add the following pages to your website to protect your name and business.

  • (create a post about the attack)
  • (create a post on ROR on a topic of your choice)

Doing this will result in the search engines displaying those links before the damaging defamation. Here is an example of how to structure your title & meta description for the SEO post:

Add your name or company name farther to the left, including the name you’re trying to protect as your domain name, and add in your meta description down below. Doing this should give you more room in the search results.

Use Press To Manage Crisis: have you done anything recently that is notable enough for a public relation blast? If so, get some PR written about your business. PR allows your business to display on the first page of Google due to the authority of most websites. Here is an example of a PR report for our digital marketing agency DeveloMark:

When doing so, ensure the publication you’re working with adds your name into the title of the website. This should help in getting higher results in the search engine. If you’re good enough to get onto a publication such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, or other high authoritative ones than so be it.

The more popular the website, the higher an impact it will have on the Google search result.

Get Real Reviews: you can simply ask your customers to give you a good valid review. The best way to do this is by calling back the people that have purchased your product in the past.

Unfortunately, this will not hide the negative reviews, but it will give the viewer of the review something to look at other than the defamation. Remember, you’re at a point of defense so you must ensure that you do not just have bad reviews online.

The reason being is it looks really ugly in the search results because Google generally gives review websites the “review snippet” so you can see the gold stars in the search results.

I also recommend getting real customer video testimonials, you can view the ones we got for our program here:

Here is an example of how the review snippets appear in the search results:

If people see one star in the result, they will click on that result lifting its importance in the search engines.

Guest post on other websites: because other websites have domain rank, they have the opportunity of displaying your name on the first page of Google.

In the guest post, try to make it something related to your experience and include your name or company name within the post.

Although this may be difficult to due simply because many other sites don’t like when the author adds their name, it can still be done.

A great tool to get started right away on is Guest Post Tracker this will find all of the relevant places for you to guest post without having to do a ton of research.

Your Next Steps: keep creating content, getting good reviews, and doing good business online. Doing so will protect you from when a situation does occur.

Unfortunately, the person attacking my name online will not stop. And it is likely that the person has left multiple false remarks online some business, some personal.

What I am going to do is continue to do what I do best, create content. People like this try to harm others because they’re jealous of what they have.

I have several friends with influence online that have had very similar situations. It seems as if there is a group of individuals whose sole purpose is to damage company ratings online.

Learning More Information: these are just some things listed that I have done to protect myself. Unfortunately, I cannot list them all as the attacker is probably reading this post.

To learn more information about this situation, feel free to send me an email directly at