Alex Beckers Dirty Little Secrets In 2018…

Ruan M. Marinho
Dec 9, 2018 · 6 min read
An image I took while at Alex Becker’s house in 2018

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past 6 years, you may know who Alex Becker is. Marketers are familiar with Alex from his YouTube channel and his multiple online marketing businesses.

If you’re new to the internet marketing community, let me explain more…

The Alex Becker persona is motivated, fancy car driving, mansion living, foul-mouthed YouTube personality and character who supposedly makes millions of dollars online.

Becker like many of the successful online entrepreneurs carries a highly visible public profile, which makes him the perfect target for criticism, scam accusations, and overall a great person to study if you’re in the marketing space.

You may have seen Alex’s YouTube ads consistently marketing his Shopify information products… one of them featured a legendary wolf mug in which I snapped a picture with below:

Me holding the legendary wolf mug portrayed in Alex Becker’s YouTube ads

I’ve been studying Alex Becker for some time now analyzing his products since Sourcewave, Sourcehunter, Sourcerevive, and a whole other range of “products” Alex Becker created.

And very recently I had the opportunity to uncover more about the REAL Alex Becker and not the public persona that most people think is the real Becker.

Here’s the deal, I spent the last week with Alex Becker and I was frequently surprised with how the man carries himself and handles his business.

Before meeting with Becker, I was following his footsteps, doing SEO for businesses, selling an online course, creating masterminds, doing consulting, and all of the other things that all of the “internet millionaires” claim will bring riches.

But when I met with Becker this past weekend, something was vastly different about his approach to business and friendship.

It was not the Alex Becker that everyone knows online, there was less laughing, less funny jokes with profanity, and more seriousness to awareness of who he was.

Throughout the weekend Becker explained to us what has been going on with his business, his life, and his health in general. As I sat there taking notes of what he was saying, a few strange things really struck out to me:

Alex Becker teaching a room of entrepreneurs about his new secret

Throughout the teachings, it was very clear that Alex Becker was ditching his old path of internet marketing Guru. It now seems that he has found something in his life and business that is much more practical, fruitful, and financially rewarding than the “internet guru” role.

In fact, this new venture I am going to reveal to you has a much higher chance of achieving the millions that Alex is looking to achieve.

I’m no longer talking about a few millions, but rather hundreds of millions. But without any of the typical things people in this market are attempting. Things such as:

  • Shopify (this business model is so overplayed and will eventually slow down or die. No one wants to wait for more than 3 weeks to get their product)
  • Online courses (everyone hates guru’s, that is very clear. In fact they hate them so much that the online course market is at serious risk due to the free amount of information on YouTube)
  • Increasing advertising costs (with more and more businesses using Google AdWords and Facebook to advertise, it is becoming more and more competitive to outbid your competitors giving your ads less impact).

Online media is changing day by day but it seems Becker has a secret to making himself bulletproof from these changes for the next decade or so.

Becker realized that the internet marketing atmosphere is literally so overcrowded by people Becker literally created, he needs to start looking at a blue ocean rather than a bloody ocean.

And that’s exactly what Becker has done…

In fact, Becker with this new found secret expects to take his income from 1m per month to 10+m per month and on and on.

In fact, I am so ecstatic about Alex Becker’s dirty little secret to millions that I figure I would share it in this post.

Running Sprints Not Marathons

People confuse productivity with gossiping — responding to Facebook messages, posts, youtube comments, blog comments, and on and on.

instead of doing marathons, Alex now does sprints. The good thing about a sprint is that you get a lot done shortly. The key to doing a sprint is by being hyper-focused in what you do.

This means ignoring your cell phone, Facebook application, Skype, WhatsApp, and any other thing that is going to get in the way of your productivity.

Alex will now literally keep his phone in the upper floors of his home for hours on end so he can focus on his work.

An Image of Alex Beckers home — his phone usually will be in his bedroom on the top floor while he works in the garage.

By doing this he can ensure that he can run sprints without being distracted by noisy and seductive social media.

Alex sprints for usually 8–10 hours on an average work day and once the sprint is done, everything turns off.

This means that during the sprint Alex won’t:

  • respond to messages
  • talk on the phone with people
  • even communicate with family and his girlfriend

These sprints ensure that Alex can get a massive productive output without sacrificing his goals of becoming a multi-millionaire SAAS CEO. His three rules for becoming successful are:

  • work
  • recover from work
  • do things that are important to you (family, hobbies, relationships)

Activating Your Level 2 Thinking

Before you can sprint, you have to make sure you can activate your level 2 thinking. This is simply the ability to critically think for hours on end on a small list of tasks.

Many people think that getting a various amount of things done is good for them and their business, less is often more.

Level 1 thinking: walking, talking, eating, drinking, breathing, moving, social media, messaging friends

Level 2 thinking: writing copy, building sales funnels, solving complex problems, building systems that save time, networking

When you have little distractions around you such as social media, you force your brain to go from level 2 thinking to level 1. This ultimately destroys your productivity and ability to grow your income.

Whenever you’re building a funnel, doing SEO, doing Facebook ads and someone interrupts your work with a text message, you’re now forced to get into that deep level of focus once again ruining your productivity.

The Man Who Chases Two Rabbits Catches None

Have you ever noticed the most profitable companies only do one thing? Amazon has its marketplace, Google has their search engine, Apple has their phones, Windows has their software, and lastly, Sam Ovens has 1 product producing him more than 10m/year.

An image of Sam Ovens in Manhattan NY

The secret is in front of our faces, focus on one product and scale it until the product lifecycle ends.

When you take a look at Becker’s career you’ll see that he was sporadic. From being on YouTube, launching his source wave products, his nutrients company, and lastly his baby — Market Hero.

At the event, I can tell a major shift happened in Becker’s business motives because a sense of regret was shifted into the room after I asked him, “what was the biggest business mistake you’ve made throughout your career”.

His answer, “I shot too low and focused on too many things at the same time”. Alex’s goal at the time was to afford his home and his orange lambo. But he realized that that was shooting way to low.

Becker now has dreams of growing a company to the 100m+ level selling one product and services revolved around his SAAS, Market Hero.

Outsource Your -$100 An Hour Activites

How much do you make per hour? It is likely that if you’re reading this article, you’re an entrepreneur.

Some entrepreneurs actually take the time to change their own oil, cut their own grass, cook their own food, and even worse do little tasks that have no clear return on investment.

The key here is to outsource the things that have a low impact — by doing so you will have more time to do the high impact things that you’re supposed to do.

Watch more of Alex Becker’s secrets here — also watch us network with the whole community inside of the mastermind.

Ruan M. Marinho

Written by

Ruan M. Marinho is a digital marketing expert specializing in search engine optimization and reputation management.

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