Ruan M. Marinho Reviews: Everything You Need To Know About Ruan Marinho & His Business Model

An image of Ruan M. Marinho at 7 N Main St, Southington CT 06489

Are you looking for Ruan M. Marinho reviews online? I think that many people searching for my name may want to see information about me online.

So instead of you reading some BS report online about me, I figured I’d write a small piece showing you exactly what it is that I do to make an income online.

The reality is, I do three main things online to generate an income. I explain those in depth down below. With three sources of income at the age of 24, I feel forever grateful to be writing this article.

But to be honest, it took me a long time to realize how to make money online. When I started, I was doing “done for you services” for small business owners and clients. Most of them done for you services are linked back to my digital marketing agency, DeveloMark.

Then I grew a YouTube channel by consistently uploading videos for people to watch. By doing this, I built up an audience of people who regularly consume my content! This is great because it allows me to show off to my audience the cool things that I do day to day.

Ruan M. Marinho’s Digital Marketing Agency: Here are some videos of my clients testifying to my “done for you” service:

I have many more that you can see over at our website. These customer purchase SEO services from my digital marketing agency to see higher search engine results.

My digital marketing agency DeveloMark, LLC has been in business for a sum of 2 years now and we hope to continue to grow.

Our customer base consists of medical, legal, and home services. Anything outside of those professions we recommend that the client shifts to our coaching program which includes 8 weeks of intensive SEO implementation to a website. You can even learn more about our agencies process by going here:

The Underground Secrets Program: Aside from my small marketing business, I also enjoy to coach individuals to do just the same that I am doing.

I have an online program called The Underground Secrets, an online program that teaches entrepreneurs how to leverage search engine optimization & reputation management for their own business.

Here are some of the students that have gone through The Underground Secrets:

The program is designed for anyone who wants to actually learn how to make income online while providing a product with guaranteed results.

Here is an outline of the program:

You can also learn more about my program by watching the video down below — this video covers what it is, who it is for, and a look inside:

Ruan‘s’ YouTube Channel: I also actively post free information on YouTube. The reason I do so is that I genuinely love sharing content and information with others.

Because of this, my channel has grown and will continue to grow at a faster rate. As I grow in my business, my YouTube channel will grow as I will have more information to add. Here is a screenshot in October 2018 of my YouTube channel:

By giving out free information online, people will start to follow you. In doing so, they will purchase a product if you create one. YouTube is the main way I send traffic to the program as well as my website.

My strategy on YouTube is very simple, create content that I personally experience inside my business. This allows people who may have never done SEO, to experience from my failures.

Thank’s For Reading This Article: I’ve done business with a fair share of people, and if you’re looking to check out some reviews. Send me an email at