Activity 1 Edhi Sb.’s Reading

I think he used the principle of “Khudi” he didn’t go for the things he didn’t like or no one can influence him like to study but he preferred to learn from the experiences and by exploring his environment, surroundings. He by practicing on his mother’s words developed the habit of helping others with whatever more or less he had. Learn to prefer the needs of others but never compromise for finding and helping those who actually deserve.

Despite the fact that on which stage, after how much time we realize the good to do, we just start to practice irrespective of the fact that we don’t have capacity to serve more people but at least to take first step is important. Edhi Sb. Our inspiration to do for others to stand for others, tells that dignity is in work in efforts, most of the times whenever I have to do something for anyone I try to do, without considering that I’m doing less for them but at least I’m doing.

At every stage in life when we are succeeding or not there must be some people who do not have even equal to that we have, always look at those and sharing the blessings given to us will be the reason to get more to help the needy at a large scale. Motivate others to be part of the chain, not just ran after the success but put efforts. After reading his life history I can say that it is the best example of “Self-learning”, it’s not to just get knowledge from the books but exploring the world getting information to solve problems from whatever way is more effective.

He prefer to be in environment and in a place that made him happy than school and I think that’s the thing because of which he was passionate. I also follow my interest and I get inspired by the people’s titles sometimes as well as their works. From reading his life history I will try to help reaching out off my comfort zone. Just being loyal is the ultimate thing I experience while helping others, because it’s not the people from whom we look for reward but our small good deed will may be motivate others if we encourage for what we actually practice. and it is the principle of “Amal”.

Follow the leaders in the history that are real examples and can definitely provide some actionable solutions. Just stand for the right and try not to even being silent for the wrongs/misdeeds that means to that we are encouraging wicked.

Activity 2 #Just_started:

1. I was afraid of being in public_ & public speaking

a. I started to have conversations with the people

b. Started to work with the groups instead to do individually & it also give me chance to learning working with the team

c. I hesitated to live with a mate or mates in the hostel for the reason I thought I could not adjust and would not comfortable and it would disturb my studies and routine. Now From the last few months I’m living with another mate that is I think a hard step for me 4 months ago.

d. I started to discuss my fears with my sister and a friend.

e. I joined Amal & here working with the groups in a friendly environment is a wonderful experience.

What I gained?

a. It reduced my fears to a large extent

b. I can perform well in interviews as well that I have in the recent past

c. now I’m not afraid to discuss my experiences and fears with the mates and can get help to improve.

d. I learned to adjust with environment and with new gathering or people I meet.

It the recent past it was a challenge for me due to my timings and the schedule of my college classes. I had a messy routine, lot of free time on weekends but unfortunately, I didn’t utilize that time properly. I was disorganized and this also disturbed my studies and grades. But now I have a better & much better routine than before.

I am determined that by next few months I will be able to perform well for presentations also about which I’m still not comfortable.

Amal Circle Fellows:

Reaching out to Friends:

According to my friends who come up to share about me; my strength is patience, positivity, i helped them for decision making and to think from different aspects of the situation to get more of it. I can stand by them when they need my support. and I’m responsive to the things and problems the are facing, sometimes I take more time listen to them. They get motivation from my work sometimes. I am quick problem solver and figure out things in short time. But at the same time I may not work according to a time table.