7 Office Organisation Tips for the Productive Employee

Do you often get frustrated at work because of the constant mess on your workstations? While some would say messy desks = creative work geniuses, having an organised desk can actually make you more productive and keep the creative juices flowing! Here are 7 tips that will help you manage your workspace better so that you can focus on being productive and maintaining a professional appearance.

1. Declutter!

Look around your office and think which items are not of use to you on the job. If you haven’t used something for a while, chances are you don’t need it sitting on your desk. Toss out all the knick-knacks that take up unnecessary space at your desk and adopt a minimalistic approach. Trust me, you don’t want your office to look too cramped!

2. Go paperless (when you can)

Going green is not only great for the environment, but it also helps you manage your clutter. Print documents only when you need too and ask your colleagues to email you files instead of passing over hard copies. Eliminate unnecessary subscriptions and minimise the number of physical memos and paper reports. Tablets are a great way to carry around essential documents and share them with your clients and colleagues!

3. Wind up loose cords and chargers

Laptops, cellphones and tablets have become a common necessity at work, which means that there will be lots of cords and extensions lying around in your office. Make sure you have a designated charging spot so you don’t have to hunt for your charger in dire times and remember to wind up loose cords and extensions so others don’t trip over them!

4. Rearrange items on your desk

You could try a little feng shui for your workstation and rearrange things to put a system in place. Place equipment and supplies that you frequently use within reach for easy access. Store away all other items that you need occasionally and enjoy a clear and organised desktop for greater productivity and time efficiency.

5. Place a waste paper bin next to your desk

We often put down rubbish instead of throwing it out, because we’re too lazy to walk over to the shredder or the bin. Whether it’s an official document that you need to shred or the hoard of empty coffee cups that you need to throw away at recycling, place a waste paper bin and recycling bin under or next to your desk to help maintain workspace cleanliness.

6. What’s on your floor?

You don’t realise how quickly you make yourself at home on the job. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been working at a company for months or years, you tend to start piling up things on the floor such as gym clothes, extra shoes, bags and umbrellas. Make sure you are keeping your floors clear and clean along with the top of your desk as well. Take home things you don’t need, put up hooks and designate drawers for those extra items lying around the office floor.

7. Clean before you leave!

Setting a certain time to clean your workspace regularly is important to maintain an organised and neat work environment. Make it a habit to clean your office at the end of the day so you come back to a tidy office and jump right into work. Disinfecting regularly also helps prevent a buildup of dust, dirt, food stains and fingerprints so wiping your desk, phone, keyboard and monitors should be taken seriously as well.

Often times, with busy schedules and hectic work days we don’t have the time to tidy our offices, which is why professional cleaners are hired by companies for routine cleaning. However, you can take control of your individual workspace with these easy steps and increase your productivity, better manage your time, and maintain a professional appearance.

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