We Need to Talk About Makeup and Empowerment
Jane Harkness

Make-up should feel like a fun art project, not a shield or mask. When it’s a chore or your scared what will happen when you don’t do it you know your not doing it for yourself.

“Makeup is supposed to be fun, positive, and you should want to do it for yourself. No one needs makeup, you don’t need it to impress someone, you don’t need it to feel beautiful, and you don’t need it to fit in. You should want it to have fun. You should want it to be expressive. You should want it to play around with or to enhance your already, perfectly, wonderful features sitting on your face… You may wear makeup and feel more confident and therefore attribute your confidence to makeup. But real, true, lasting confidence comes from inside and will be there even when you wash your makeup off.” — Mykie, LA Make-up Artist

I used that quote in a story you might appreciate: