My Goal is to I never Quit!

I am single parent child. My actual life starts when my father died and i was in my childhood. It was a appalling incident and brought a lot of pains for my family. being a single parents child for itself its a great challenge for me. My mother to proving a backbone support for me.

My basic purpose that is gain best education and core goal become a professional person in my life, than i made a commitment with myself i should become a very strong, punctual, and should be hard work for achieved my goals.

I faced a lot of problems but i never give up, and confrontation of those problem. i was showing my passionate and thinking positive behavior. With the help of this attitude now i am doing M.phill (Bio Technology) and reaching for my basic goal, now after that i should be achieve my “Core Goal” that is become a Professional Bio Technologist and serve for my nation and my country with my skills, Knowledge and Abilities.