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Another Warriors Hot Hot Take from someone who doesn’t seem like they’ve watched too much Warriors. Granted, the Finals version of the team is different than the regular version (for one, more Durant iso) but the Warriors’ “crazy shot” game only works because they alternate it with heavy passing — Kerr’s mantra of “pass up good shots for great shots.” And Curry doesn’t get to the line much from his 3-pointers — the example you cite for a hoist-up at the first sign of contact is rare for Curry (actually this is James Harden’s specialty, and Westbrook does it more than Curry too). In Curry’s case, the foul call was “deserved” — because it was in accordance with the rules (as pointed out by the game announcers). You don’t like the call, take it up with the league’s officiating department to change the rule book. It’s true that the average player shouldn’t try to emulate the Warriors’ “crazy shots” — but there’s no reason that teams with good enough athletes can’t try a quicker pace. The Warriors’ brand of creating a fast-paced transition offense from a stout defense is not something that only Top 15 players in the world can do. If you like slow basketball, good for you, but don’t act like your personal preference is gospel.

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