Why Mission Dolores?

Mission Dolores Park has had a trash problemforyears. Great weather, a gorgeous view of the city, and open space for families to enjoy also make this park a common area for trash to accumulate.

Did you know that typically 7,000–10,000 people visit Mission Dolores Park on a sunny weekend day? Or that it has hosted political rallies, festivals, Aztec ceremonial dances, Cinco de Mayo celebrations, and San Francisco Mime Troupe performances?

It’s important that we protect this spot so that everyone can continue to enjoy this neighborhood.

A win-win-win solution!

Rubbish was founded to solve the global trash problem, one piece of litter data at a time. We created the Rubbish iOS app to track litter and make picking up litter fun. …

53 Big Belly trash cans were installed in SoMa West this week, almost doubling the number of trash cans in the neighborhood! That’s roughly a trash can on every single corner 💯

As a part of this installation, each trash can will have a Rubbish QR code on it — a contactless reporting platform for street issues.

QR Codes in SoMa West!

Rubbish has partnered with the SoMa West Community Benefit District to keep the community clean and drive traffic to businesses and artists who have suffered due to COVID-19!

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An issue being submitted through a Rubbish QR code in SoMa West

Everyone can now submit issues directly to the SoMa West CBD through the QR code on each trash can — touchless and no app needed! If you want to receive updates on the resolution, there’s a spot to leave your phone # for text message notifications…

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Cleanup in Fort Mason, San Francisco

Everyone has been home for months — working, cooking, reading [insert other things we’ve done at home here.] We’ve found that being outside is more important than ever, to remember the sunshine and get some extra steps.

In fact, neighborhoods are coming together more than ever before. Over the past month, we’ve had several socially distant litter cleanups and it has been refreshing to see other humans, meet our neighbors, and give the streets some extra cleaning.

The new normal in a post-COVID-19 world will have healthier, cleaner events.

When Rubbish was selected to exhibit at the Startup Grind Global Conference on February 11–12, 2020 in Silicon Valley, we also became their sustainability partner, working with Startup Grind and the Fox Theatre Redwood City Team (Team Fox). Our goal was to make Startup Grind Global 2020 the first conference in the nation to audit their litter and quantify their litter footprint. As the largest independent startup community — actively educating, inspiring, and connecting 3.5 …

Adam drove cross country from New York City to San Francisco and did a rubbish run at each stop.

Read his story →

I started the journey with a car loaded with clothes, snacks, and a place to sleep for the next 2 days. After that, all I knew is that I would continue driving West. My friends and family were following my journey in real-time, and giving me advice on where to stay, weather updates and the best driving routes.

I decided to do a rubbish run in each city because I was curious about how different cities compare to each other, inspired by my brother’s efforts in San Francisco. …

How do two campuses that both serve entrepreneurs compare with their litter footprints? We did a rubbish run on each campus and found out!

Y Combinator and Singularity University are two staple organizations in the Bay Area. Entrepreneurs flock to learn, build and work on their campuses. We did a rubbish run on each to find out how their litter footprint compare.

Check out the results:

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While both campuses did great, Singularity University did a little bit better. There were, though, a bit more tobacco pieces on the ground.

Want to do a rubbish run in your neighborhood or workplace? Download rubbish and tag some litter! Our latest feature is an in-app summary of your impact. For more details, shoot us an email at hello@rubbish.love.

Newest SoMa West Community Benefit District uses data to map resident concerns.

The SoMa West community deserves some major props! Not only did they recently form the largest community benefit district in San Francisco, but they are cleaning up their neighborhood by partnering with rubbish!

Residents have long been ready for a change to a healthier, cleaner, safer and more vibrant neighborhood. When residents and community members made their priorities heard, the SoMa West Community Benefit District (CBD) took action.

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Zone for the newly formed SoMa West CBD

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The University of Pennsylvania is known for top-notch academics, excellent sports, and now, a tobacco-free campus thanks to their ongoing partnership with rubbish! Our partnership officially kicked off on Earth Day (April 22) with a Cigarette Butt Cleanup Walk on campus!

Small groups of student volunteers divided and conquered different sections of campus, and using the rubbish app, they logged and tracked the locations of litter and cigarette butts across Penn. Over the past three months, rubbish has been working with Penn to analyze the data collected from the pickups to pinpoint the areas of campus that are not reflecting the university’s tobacco-free campus policy. …

Rubbish founders and friends Emin and Elena were super psyched to be a part of the prestigious Y Combinator Startup School program, which provides mentorship and support for select, high-potential entrepreneurs and startups. They were curious, though, to consider the impact of hundreds of entrepreneurs on the campus and neighborhood…what did their litter footprint look like?

After a lecture at the program’s YC Campus in Mountain View, they were inspired to do a rubbish cleanup to see what litter footprint was left in the classroom and on campus after the hundreds of entrepreneurs went home that day. Their goal was to collect the data with the rubbish app, show the incubator program what insights and action can result from the data, and make some simple suggestions on how the organizers can address litter on campus. …


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