Cleaning Out The Clutter

If you are looking for Walsall house clearance services, you need to contact Move n Clear. Sometimes you may try and do the work of cleaning out a house yourself but the need to have a professional is just going to be the best way to go. The following article has some tips on ways to clean out the clutter in your house before you call a cleaning out service.

Important Paperwork

You want to make sure that you keep all tax returns. You should also only have to keep any important personal papers for three years. Any supporting business papers should be tossed after six years. When tossing out any important papers that it is very important that you make sure to shred the information. Anything that has your social security number, credit card number or account number on it should definitely be shredded before calling your house clearance Walsall . You will most likely have a lot of shredded up paper, which should be recycled. If you are planning on selling your home, you do want to make sure to keep any paperwork that deals with the home or paperwork on what improvements you have completed on the home. Keep receipts to prove you actually did have the work completed.


It is very likely that if you have lived in your place for a long period of time, or even if not, that you are going to have a lot of clothes in your home and in the closets. You should not keep things in your closet just because you think you may possibly be able to fit back into the clothing items again. If you are not wearing the clothing, you should toss it. If you do not want to necessarily want to toss out your clothing, you can always donate the clothing and even get a tax break for the things that you are donating to the nonprofit you are giving your clothing to.

Everyone likes photos but they can get to be way out of hand if you are not careful. You definitely are not going to want to just toss out your old photos. It is best to get a digital copy of each of your photos. You can also ask other family members if they want to go through the photos and find any of them that they want to keep for themselves.

Old Computers and Electronics

Old computers and other electronics (such as televisions) can surely take up a lot of space. It is important that you recycle or even better, donate the old computers and electronics instead of just tossing them out. When donating, recycling or tossing out old computers, it is very important that you remove the hard drives from them or make sure that they have been wiped clean.


There may be some toys that you may want to keep (such as the first Barbie doll you had or the first baby doll you bought your grandchild) but there is really not a need to keep a lot of old toys. The best thing that you can do is to donate the toys and get a tax write-off for what you have donated.

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