Oh, how I love December. In Seattle, the dark, damp weather has you pulling on your boots and knitted hats just to grab the mail or walk to the dog. The cold outside makes a warm cup of tea and a fire in the fireplace feel luxuriously cozy.

I’ve gone through an emotional evolution around the holidays. I’ve never loved walking through shopping malls on the hunt for that perfect gift. The ritual of gift buying and receiving has been challenging for me; never seeming to hit the target and stay in budget. Years past were filled with combinations of…

A specially-curated historically-accurate dinner party is more than just an event. It can be a homage. An education. A tribute. Not only will the ambiance keep your guests spellbound all evening, but you will experience the joy of that place in time throughout the weeks or months of preparation leading up to the big day.

A model of one of the most famous (or infamous) ships to sail the Atlantic.

A brief history: RMS Titanic 1912

The RMS Titanic was huge: At 46,328 gross register tons, 10 decks tall, and almost 3 football fields long, it was the largest ship afloat at the time. The Titanic wasn’t just big, it was also luxurious. It included…

I’m shopping for a house and so I’m seeing a lot of staged homes. They all have a similar feel: sparse, carefully arranged, and expressing a general esthetic so that anyone from the artist and the traditionalist can see how they might use the space.

I notice in these setups that one thing is consistent: matching sets. …

Agile transformations can be confusing. There are tech companies out there that still haven’t realized what going agile means. I’m here to help them along. There are strong reasons for wanting to put in the effort:

Your brain can’t think clearly under duress, making seeing the root cause of what is getting in your way difficult to see.

I don’t mean to pry but, can I ask you something: Is your…

Brietta Easterlin

A strong system is one where the connections between its parts are strong.

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