Place as Genre

Paul Hailker is currently a professor in the Department of English in VirginiaTech. He is writing about his perspective about how he thinks genres are ways of being in the world and the ontological implications of genres.

He said: “I believe genres are ways of being, ways of emerging into the world. I find this a challenging, disturbing thought.” “Genres are human-created artifacts; they are technologies in that sense. And like all technologies, they embody and enact ideologies, values, ideas about what we should believe, what we should want, and how we should be. Like any technology, genres both assume things about and require things of their users. As a case in point, I submit for your examination the common student desk.” He is saying that genres can affect our acts and the decision we make.

This makes me thinking about what is the general expectation customers have when they enter a chinese restaurant. They might expect the food come out fresh and fast, the price is relatively cheap and provide delivery service. This lead me to the question: What if a chinese restaurant fail to meet those expectation. How will it affect the restaurant performance?

The desk is not very big. To use this genre of furniture customer need to add extra chairs to fit more than 4 person.

The place is small. To use this genre of space a limited number of customers can be dining together.

The number of chairs are limited. To use this genre of furniture there will be a limited seats for customer.

There is only one waitress on the floor. To use this genre, customer should expect a long wait during rush hour.

There is only of cook working. To use this genre, customer need have plenty of time for the wait.

The menu have limited amount of food. To use this genre, customer can only choose form what is on the menu.

This restaurant doesn’t have any private room. To use this genre, customer in here need to share a same space with each other.

The kitchen is opening up to the dining area. To use this genre, customer need to deal with the noise in the kitchen.

The audience of my place are mostly families and students. The values of the genre I mentioned above will not be something their customer values. In fact, those will be the problems my proposal need to be focusing at.