Tis the holiday season! Another year of coding is almost over. Time to do a countdown of some of the most useful Javascript libraries, tricks and developments we saw this year. So here goes, from naughty to nice:

6. React hooks

React’s pretty great isn’t it? I love the seamless nature of JSX and the power of using simple functions to quickly create components. Before version 16.8 there was the problem however of starting out with a nice simple pure component, but then having to convert it to a class because you want to add something like state, or events to it. …

Typescript is on the rise. There is however not a shortage of extreme opinions espoused on the internet — surprise!— , by opponents as well as proponents. Because of that, it can be hard to know whether it is for you, or if you’re better off sticking with good old Javascript. So, let me try to settle that once and for all. -ahem-

What is Typescript?

If you’re reading this, you probably already know. But a quick summary never hurts: Typescript is an attempt by Microsoft to make Javascript look and feel more like a proper programming language, specifically adding strong typing. You…


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