5 Ways To Go From A Small To A Medium XL User

I don’t know about you, but when I turned 30 a few years ago, I went from a running from the bulls type of guy to an Olympian bull tosser. There are so many things in life where waiting will only make you depressed. You need to get up and kick some ass on Medium right now. Here are some ways to juice up your game.

Timing All The Time

Some experts say, “Post on Saturday” or “Post on Tuesday when the Monday depression has worn off.” Don’t listen to these fools! A Medium XL user posts every… single… day. You don’t want to screw with your muse and put it on hold, do you? Never delay the satisfaction you require when your brains are blessed with insightful little blurbs.

Follow The Tags

My feed was getting a skosh stale and I found the problem. It was the handful of tags I was following. I’ve since fixed that problem and now follow all tags used on Medium. Trying to read that stream is like bringing a straw to a fire hydrant party, baby. If you get overwhelmed just unfollow a couple tags and ride the wave!


If you keep writing about the same topics all the time, shove that shit into a Publication. Stalk anyone using your favorite tags, add their story to your publication, and turn this awkward Medium mixer into a full blown rave. With your writers combined, you are guaranteed to dominate Medium.

Moonwalk Running Sandwich

You Can GIF Magic

Make sure you don’t include videos in your posts. People have lives to live and cats to herd. Just include a 5 second GIF. Hell, include three side-by-side GIFS. I call that last masterpiece the Moonwalk Running Sandwich.

Share Attack

You should take advantage of the abundance of social media sites and share your post (generous gift to humanity) on every single social media site available. I know you barely use your LinkedIn account, but include it anyways.