Getting Banned From a Subreddit

…and other thoughts on Medium promotion.

I have tried several experiments to see what other communities would be interested in my posts, but this is the first time I’ve been banned from anywhere.

To be clear, today I shared the following post on the funny subreddit.

Typically if a reddit community down votes a post, that subreddit is declaring they believe the post doesn’t align with the subreddit. In this case I must have violated one of the rules.

I also sent out the link to a homeschool group on Facebook and from Twitter as well. There is also a BuzzFeed questionnaire linking back to the Back-To-School Scent post.

/r/Funny subreddit rules

A lot of that link sharing was to see what promotion worked and what didn’t. With a potential of reaching 9 million readers (28k online) this message was a resounding nope.

It isn’t like Medium is set up to help me financially benefit from getting views, but I still like to give posts a chance to see the light of day versus the easier path of silent publishing.

What are your thoughts on Medium article promotion?

Has anyone else been banned by a subreddit?