The First Product You Build Is Yourself

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From the Social Network to Silicon Valley, the media frenzy surrounding the nature of startups has taken on an idealized life of its own. What many people don’t realize is, proving that you have what it takes to work as a Software Engineer without a Computer Science degree is challenging. Friendship, relationships, overcoming fear, mental health, fitness, reflection, and execution are all essential during this process.

You may have already heard the story about my journey up to this point. What you don’t know is that a big part of what kept me afloat during that entire experience was my bond with the Die Hard twins, Artur and Timur Meyster, and a Quarterback turned hacker named Mike. …

From Cello to Investment Banking to AltSchool

Breaking into Tech with a “non-technical” background is hard. The same barriers that exist in Finance also exist with Startups. This post lays out the specific action steps that I followed to make this transition. No words can express my deep respect and appreciation for everyone that I mention (below) and the countless people that helped me during this process.


For those of you that don’t know, I got laid off from my first job in October 2012. After 2 months, I got an offer to be a 2nd year Investment Banking Analyst in Atlanta. I accepted and within 5 months, I was promoted to 3rd year Investment Banking Analyst (Chapter 2, more on this later). …


Ruben Harris

Partnerships & Lead Gen @Honor, Advisor @AltSchool. Former Advisor @ForgeHealth, Music Teacher and Investment Banker. Cellist for 22+ years. #YoungandCultured

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