Ruben Fuentes, Jr


English 1301

27 June 2018

Keeping Families Together

I will be focusing on will be the current Human Rights movement: Keeping Families Together. Keeping Families Together was launched in 2007 with a $700,000 grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) to Corporate for Supportive Housing (CSH). RWJF had been tracking several high-profile child welfare cases in the news, which revealed that children had died from abuse and neglect while living with families who experienced homelessness, behavioral health problems and involvement in the child welfare system. (Wikipedia)

New solutions and laws must be proposed that will prevent families from experiencing this again in the future. A program that will assist immigrants in becoming U.S. citizens and make their experience a lot more convenient, comfortable and effective must be created.

Above is a picture of Pres. Trump is signing a bill to reunite children with their family members and declare that minors can no longer be removed from their family. This contradicts the policy that was put in place because that is not what was previously stated.(Rizzo) Even though Obama in 2014 took a mostly punitive approach to border crossers. Trump in 2018 took an entirely punitive one. Trump in 2018 took a mostly punitive approach to border crossers. The difference between Obama and Trump is Obama was reacting partly to circumstances; Trump was reacting solely to his own desires.(Lind)

Trump started removing children in October 2015 using I.C.E., the Immigration, and the Border Patrol as his main tools.

Trump said, “You have to arrest everybody because, if you let them go they’ll never show in court.” Chris Cuomo, ”Statistics show 75% show up. Programs exist to get it over 90%.”

The Atlantic

The Clinical Case for Keeping Families Together

Two practitioners apply a decade of research on Central American families to understand the impacts of the administration’s new policy.


An eight year old girl talks about being separated from her father during an immigration family separation protest in front of the Sandra Day O’Connor U.S. District Court building in Phoenix on June 18, 2018.ROSS D. FRANKLIN / AP (Henderson)

This example is significant because it is separating a large amount of children ranging from the ages of 2 months — 17 years old from their family. This type of separation of children from a young age causes permanent trauma says, NEUROSCIENCE NEWSJUNE 21, 2018.

“Sudden and Lasting Separation From Parent Can Permanently Alter Brain Development”

Many ordinary people have join together to make their voices heard on the issue by protesting. Protests have been recognized along the border, from the east coast to the west coast and other major cities through the country trying enact change.

With all this controversy going on with the crisis on the border a change is bound to happen with the current policies put in place. Our system is obviously broken and our constitution is in need of amending. The voice of the people is still our nations’ strongest tool and must be heard to motivate change. New programs must be developed to meet the priorities of this crisis. We must embrace the issue at hand instead of resisting it. There is a new demand to meet (so to say). Ideas must be generated. Current organizations and agencies must step up and support the idea of immigrants coming to America to chase their dreams. America has always been known as a melting pot. So why would we lower the flame right now? America is known for being a country based on immigration, because of it, it has created such a diverse culture. And that’s how we could make America great again.

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